Alabama’s Medicaid Program is among some of the worst in the country.  We did not take advantage of the Medicaid Expansion because of financial reasons, but we have wasted millions on RCOs that never were implemented.  More than 85% of the children in District 82 are Medicaid recipients. Senior citizens are using Medicaid for nursing homes, medications, dialysis and home services.

I will:

  • Continuously fight for adequate Medicaid funding.  
  • Fight for more comprehensive Medical facilities for our 3,100 University students.
  • Work with municipalities, county government, and Tuskegee University to resolve this issue with State and Federal Legislators.


Most of my career has been in education higher education, first at Tuskegee and then at the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education. In addition, as the parent of two daughters and the grandparent of two grandchildren, I have seen first-hard the need for quality, competitive education.

Education needs to be adequately funded for pre-k to higher education. Schools in parts of District 82 are desperately in need of additional funding for supplies, equipment, and transportation.  In order to maintain quality faculty, we must provide competitive salaries to insure stability.

I will:

  • Fight for adequate funding for pre-k through higher education.

  • Fight for additional funding for supplies, equipment, and transportation.  

  • Provide competitive salaries to insure job stability for faculty.

Rural Broadband

Living here in Macon County, I can attest to how challenging it is to have a career without steady access to quality broadband internet. Many students are at a disadvantage because when they arrive home to no broadband, they are unable to complete homework assignments. Rural communities will continue to downsize without broadband expansions. The fiber wiring need is very expensive and the State must allocate the funding.  We have begun to invest, but what we have invested so far is only a drop in the bucket.

I will:

  • Expand broadband by making the state appoint another Broadband Task Force to create the case for expanding broadband access statewide.

  • Allocate funds for broadband expansion.

Economic & Workforce Development

My experience working with AIDT, trying to prepare the workforce has given me a good window into what the needs of employees, businesses, and industry so that we can have a thriving economy.  

I will:

  • Help citizens to get the skills needed to obtain gainful employment.  

  • Put an emphasis on GEDs, and enable workforce readiness to help my constituents acquire necessary educational credentials.  The Alabama Two-Year Colleges are a great place to begin.

  • Work closely with Economic Development Authority to obtain financial resources to support their recruitment efforts

Crime & Drug Addiction

My husband of 46 years has spent his life dedicated to enforcing our state’s laws, dealing with drug abuse and working to curtail illegal drug distribution. Crimes, drugs, and addictions are killing our communities.  I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but I know that there is a time and place for guns.  

I will:

  • Demand more funding for law enforcement.

  • Provide better mental health facilities, as well as outreach to those in need and opportunities to for people to get  the help they need

  • Educate our children at an earlier age to deter use and distribution/sales.  

  • Fight for realistic gun safety measures to reduce crime.

Department of Correction

Having served on the Board of Aid to Inmate Mothers, I have seen firsthand the inhumane overcrowding of our state’s prison system. We need to be provide adequate mental health services and to develop mental health institutions that meet the needs of Alabamians..  

I will:

  • Work to resolve the overcrowding and mental health issues in our prison system.

  • Vote to invest funds in DOC, so that we can meet citizens’ needs, rather than paying for lawsuits

  • Advocate for the safety of correction officers.

  • Hire adequate staff within the DOC.


Macon County Bingo was victimized and slaughtered.  A Constitutional Amendment passed by the Macon citizens, and ratified by the U.S. Department of Justice legalized bingo in Macon County. After seven years of operation, then Gov. Riley established a Bingo Task Force and Victoryland has since been raided twice.  

I will:

  • Work to ensure all gaming establishments are treated equally

  • Demand that Macon County citizens have fair access to the opportunity to run gaming operations - under no circumstance will Macon County citizens accept a single community having a state-enforced monopoly on gaming